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You are welcome to send pictures of game you have taken with the Lock-a-Draw.  They will be posted on this page.  Click the link to send your pictures mailto:vsandel@yahoo.com.

David Cooper's elk

Shot by David Cooper of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania at 40 yards using the Lock-a-Draw.

Dan Crofoot

One of two deer shot by Dan Crofoot of Martville, NY using the Lock-a-Draw.   On Dec. 1, 2010 he wrote, "Just want to thank you for making such a simple to set up and simple to use product.  I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder in August. Your Lock-a-Draw let this 60 year old hunter take two deer.  Thanks again." 

I have attached a photo of a buck that I harvested in 2010 using a Lock-a-draw on my 70lb. Bowtech Captain.  The buck gross scored 174".  I had shoulder surgery in July of 2010 and was not able to draw my bow by the bow season.  I am a die hard bowhunter and not wanting to use a crossbow (legal in Iowa with a doctor's medical note) I began researching different draw aids form my bow.  I explored others but decided on Lock-a-draw because it was the only aid that didn't require any change in my current bow set up.  Tuning was easy. I did not use the quiver that comes with the product as my quiver held it perfectly.  I would suggest this product to anyone having problems drawing their bow.  Thanks for a great product!
Wayne Winchell - Iowa


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