The New Mounting Block for Right Hand Bows

This is the new mounting block for right hand bow.  It is the mirror image of the mounting block previously used for both right and left hand bows.  The new mounting block is better because when mounting the Lock-a-Draw the pins on the mounting plate rotate down into the slots of the mounting block.  The weight of the mounted Lock-a-Draw rod and release are now pushing the pins against the back of the slots instead of out of the slots as previously was the case with a right hand bow.  The old mounting block was used previously because it was commercially available and I could not afford the price of a new mold at startup.  Although it worked OK, a number of customers recognized that the mounting block was for a left hand bow instead of a right hand bow.  With the new mounting block both the right and left hand Lock-a-Draws will rotate into their respective blocks properly.