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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will it fit my bow?  If your bow sight has two threaded holes for attaching a bow mounted quiver, then the short answer is "yes".  However there are a number of bows in which the cable guard is in the way of either installing the mounting block or installing the mounting plate.  In every case that I have encountered the installation of a 1/4" spacer under the mounting block  took care of the problem.  The spacer I have used is a 1/ 4x1x1 3/4" piece of aluminum, although a similar sized piece of any solid such as wood or plastic will work. 

Many older pin type sights did not have the quiver mounting holes, but the quiver mounting block can be attached with longer screws that go directly into the holes in the bow for mounting the sight.  Some single pin sights with distance adjusting mechanism do not allow a bow mounted quiver or require spacers to attach the quiver mounting block over the distance adjusting mechanism.  I do not recommend mounting the Lock-a-Draw on spacers except for a solid spacer in form of a solid block (such as wood, plastic, or aluminum) the size of the mounting block.  "Stilt" type spacers would not provide the needed stability.

7/1/2010 A Lock-a-Draw was returned with the explanation that it did not fit a Hoyt Avenger bow.  The customer reported that the riser protruded interfering with the mounting plate.  A spacer was not tried on this bow.

9/29/2010 I set up the Lock-a-Draw on a Hoyt bow for a customer.  The cable guard was in the way and did not allow the quiver mounting block to lie flat on the riser.  A spacer was made from 1/4x1" aluminum bar 1 3/4" long with two 3/16" holes separated by 1 5/16".  This spaced the quiver mounting block out past the cable guard.  The Lock-a-Draw installed perfectly and tuning proceeded as usual. 

2.  How does the Lock-a-Draw attach to my bow?  It attaches to the quiver mounting block that comes with the Lock-a-Draw and quiver.  This block is mounted on the bow sight with the screws supplied.  Then the central pin of the Lock-a-Draw mounting plate is inserted into the central hole in the quiver mounting block, and the drawlock rod is twisted counter clockwise (on a right hand bow) to engage the capped pins on the drawlock  mounting plate into the slots in the quiver mounting block.  The Lock-a-Draw removes by twisting the rod clockwise.  The mounting plate shown is a left hand mounting plate.  The right hand mounting plate is the mirror image.

3.  What is involved in tuning the Lock-a-Draw to my bow?  The Lock-a-Draw rod is bent at the mounting plate to bring the string catch to the "sweet spot" that allows an arrow to fly without bobbing or weaving.  The direction of bending  is determined by paper tuning.  Complete instructions come with the Lock-a-Draw, but they are also available here: Tuning Instructions.pdf.

3.  On a right hand bow won't the drawn string rotate the Lock-a-Draw out of the quiver mounting block?  No, it can't rotate.  The nocking loop of the drawn string is on the string catch preventing rotation.  The force on the rod is toward the quiver mounting block.  This would tend to push the lower capped pin of  the mounting plate out of the slot of the quiver mounting block, but the upper capped pin is pressed into the slot.  There is a tendency for these forces to rotate the rod clockwise, but it can't rotate due to the attachment of the string catch to the nocking loop.  Therefore nothing happens, the attachment of the Lock-a-Draw to the quiver mounting block is secure.

With the new mounting block the right hand Lock-a-Draw rotates into the mounting block in a counter clockwise manner so that the pins are held into the slots by the weight of the rod and release, eliminating question 3.

4.  Why don't you have a right and left hand quiver mounting block (mirror images) so the above forces would always tend to rotate the rod into the quiver mounting block?  With the new mounting block we do now.

5.  If I order, how long will it take to receive my Lock-a-Draw?  I ship by US Post Office priority mail, 2-3 day shipping.  On week days if you order by noon your order is shipped the same day unless an unusual situation develops.  Evening orders are shipped the next day.  On Saturday, orders in by 10:00 AM are shipped the same day.  Weekend orders are shipped on Monday.

6.  How can I tell if I have a right or left hand bow?  The handedness of your bow is determined by which hand you draw your bow with when drawing it in the traditional way.  If you draw the string with your right hand you have a right hand bow.

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