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Take a look at these pictures!  This is not trick photography.

This "Robin Hood" was shot by Branko Androic of Edmonton, AB Canada at 30 yards with the Lock-a-Draw.  "I installed the Lock-a-Draw, shot one arrow at 20 yards, it was off to the right a bit.  Then I went back to 30 yards and shot these two arrow!  I was so excited I made my shooting companion sign a statement attesting to the fact that I had done this." 

Branko Androic 'Robinhood'

             Closeup of the Androic "Robin Hood"                     Branko and His Arrow

Branko Androic and his double length arrow

 "I SHOULD LOOK HAPPIER !!!!"         


"Robin Hood" Shot with Lock-a-Draw and Bow Rest Sept. 28, 2008

arrow inside arrow

This picture shows the first two arrows shot from my new 70# PSE Stinger demonstration bow after installing and tuning the Lock-a-Draw.  The two arrows were shot from 22 yards using the Bow Rest to steady the bow.  Half of the split nock is the red speck on the leaf just to the right and down from center.  Of course this isn't proof that the system is accurate, but an accurate system does greatly increase the chances of this happening.  I won't guarantee that you will be able to do this if you buy the system. Vernon Sandel

Top view showing the split in the first arrow.


I want one!


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