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           "Don't let age or injury keep you from the sport you love!
           With the Lock-a-Draw draw keep (lock) you can bowhunt."

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Having Difficulty Drawing Your Compound Bow?
The Lock-a-Draw Draw Keep (Lock) Is the Solution.
"It's the only draw keep truly adapted to bowhunting."
(Dealer Inquiries Encouraged)

Cocked with hands and feet using the much stronger leg and back muscles, the Lock-a-Draw draw keep allows persons of lesser strength to shoot a high powered bow that they could never draw in the traditional manner.  You don't have to shoot a "wimpy" bow anymore.  Almost anyone can draw a 70# bow with the Lock-a-Draw draw keep!

Shooting the Lock-a-Draw draw keep

  Prototype of the of Lock-a-Draw draw keep.
The product as shipped is black anodized.

Lock-a-Draw release

 You can never forget to put the safety on!  It is automatic.


Extremely accurate
Does not modify your bow
Weighs only about 1/2 pound
Attaches to the bow without tools
Easily drawn with both hands
Comes with a special quiver
It carries on the quiver
Fits your bow case
Fun to shoot
Silent when shot, only bow noise.

Lock-a-Draw keeping bow drawn
Start Slide Show

The slides show the Lock-a-Draw and the quiver that comes with it.  It also shows how the Lock-a-Draw mounts on
a bow, and it shows the bow drawn with arrow nocked.  The product shown is an unpainted prototype so it will show up better.  The production model is anodized flat black for less visibility in hunting.

Need a Bow?

Get a Lock-a-Draw on any PSE Archery bow already tuned and ready to shoot.  See how little it costs to get a powerful bow from a prominent archery company set up with the Lock-a-Draw.  You don't have to settle for a little known bow with a drawkeep like the competition offers.

Unsolicited Testimonials



Sanders from Manitou Beach, MI
Thank you,  Lock-a-draw,  for saving my favorite hobby and pastime. I am only 51 years old but underwent 2 spinal surgeries in the past year. Even after 2 herniated disc repair surgeries I still get severe muscle spasms in the lumbar region of my back after very little  physical exertion, including shooting my 60 lb compound bow. I heard about your product, researched it and bought it. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the results. I maxed out the draw weight at 70 lbs and the attached photo is my first group of 3 arrows at 50 yds. Raised my pin a touch and now hitting the bulls eye with better than half my shots.

 Thanks again,
 Sanders 10/13/2012 Click here to see the group.


Jim from Woodland Park, CO:
Hi Vern,
 I got a nice doe during the either sex archery season here in Colorado.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks a million!
 Jim   9/27/2011


Wayne from Newton, IA, "I have attached a photo of a buck that I harvested in 2010 using a Lock-a-draw on my 70lb. Bowtech Captain.  The buck gross scored 174".  I had shoulder surgery in July of 2010 and was not able to draw my bow by the bow season.  I am a die hard bowhunter and not wanting to use a crossbow (legal in Iowa with a doctor's medical note) I began researching different draw aids for my bow.  I explored others but decided on Lock-a-draw because it was the only aid that didn't require any change in my current bow set up.  Tuning was easy. I did not use the quiver that comes with the product as my quiver held it perfectly.  I would suggest this product to anyone having problems drawing their bow.  Thanks for a great product!"  8/11/2011 Click here to see this magnificent buck.\


 Jim from Woodland Park, CO, "I would like to tell you that your invention will allow me to still hunt again.  I found crossbows to be so awkward in hunting situations that I didn't hunt very much the last two years.  I sure wish I had known about Lock-a-Draw earlier. As you state, the system is very accurate."  7/6/2011


Roger from Broxton, GA: Thanks for a great product.  I am a cancer survivor with both shoulders messed up.  With this Lock-a-Draw I am able to shoot my bow with ease.  I looked at the other Draw-Loc that another company sold and didn't like the rod sticking out  the front of the bow.  You would have to sit down to draw the bow.  Again Thank You Mr. Sandel for your Lock-a-Draw.  Its nice when you call with a question and the owner answers the phone!!  (6/18/2010).


Dominick from Ballston Spa, NY: You really have a good product.  Your Lock-a-Draw shoots really tight groups and I am excited about bow hunting again.  My brother, who has had some elbow problems, share my enthusiasm.  I went out last Saturday and saw 3 does within shootable range.   However, I want to shoot a really nice buck so I am holding out for the rut, which will begin in early.  Nov. 19, 2010.  Sandel comment: his brother bought one too.


Jim of  La Vale, WI: Thank you! Recently after working with the sheep shearing I was unable to keep my arm extended and couldn't hold/shoot my bow. At the age of 68 I thought my bow hunting days had finally come to an end. My son suggested looking into a Lock-a-Draw for my Fred Bear white tail  pursuit bow and after surfing the web, I was able to find your web site. I am so pleased with the way I can shoot now! I have a 3 shot pattern in a 4" target where the arrows are almost touching each other. I have now upped the poundage on my bow from 60 to 70 pounds. I can't thank you enough for your product and for being able to call you personally with my questions.  Happy Hunting, Jim.  11/9/2010


Jerry from Caldwell, OH   Thanks for coming up with this Lock-a-Draw for us old farts that don't want to give up bowhunting.  (1/21/2011)

Click here for More Unsolicited Testimonials and Feedback

The Lock-a-Draw/Bow Rest Solution

Aging bow hunters and those with disabilities often "graduate" to a crossbow because they can no longer draw their compound  Bow.  The Lock-a-Draw+ Bow Rest Hunting System is an alternative that lets you continue to hunt with your compound bow.  Drawing the bow with both hands and feet is far easier than drawing the bow in the traditional manner, allowing you to hunt with a powerful bow in spite of your disability or lack of strength.  The problem of holding a 5 lb. bow steady with an extended arm is also solved by the Bow Rest.  It takes the weight of the bow and your arm while aiming and firing.  It serves the same function for the bow that a shooting rest does for a rifle.  It steadies the bow and greatly increases accuracy for those of limited steadiness.  Movement in getting a shot off is also greatly reduced since the bow is in a ready position while waiting for game and the bow is already drawn.  This virtually guarantees greater success in hunting.

drawing a Lock-a-Draw equipped 70# bow

The Lock-a-Draw/Bow Rest Hunting System
Demonstration of Lock-a-Draw-Bow Rest Bow Hunting Solution

Even though the video shows the old model of  the Lock-a-Draw draw keep, it illustrates how the Lock-a-Draw draw keep plus Compound Bow Rest and Holder combine to afford a complete bowhunting system for the physically limited archer.  A drawn bow is very large and extremely awkward to handle in a hunting situation.  The Compound Bow Rest and Holder hangs the drawn bow out in front of the hunter with arrow nocked and ready to fire.  It also steadies the bow while aiming and firing.  The bow can be fired either with or without holding the bow grip.  Motion, which spooks game, is greatly reduced when you do not have to remove the bow from a hanger or draw the bow.  All the shots at the target shown in the video are from 21 yards.  Keep in mind that the bow used in the video has a draw weight of 61 pounds, much too heavy for me to draw in the traditional maner.

WLUC TV6 Discovering Video

A bow draw keep, also called a  bow lock (draw lock, the commonly recognized name of this type of product, is the trademark of Hickory Creek Inc. and not a generic term) is a device that keeps an archery bow at full draw, until a trigger release mechanism is actuated to fire the bow.  The Lock-a-Draw (Patent Pending) draw keep allows you to draw your bow with both hands and feet from a sitting position (as in a tree stand or other elevated platform)  or from a standing position using a foot stirrup.  Coupled with the Compound Bow Rest and Holder it is a system that will allow seniors, women, youth, and the physically impaired to participate in the sport of archery and hunt with a powerful compound bow that they could never draw in the usual manner.  Furthermore, the problem persons of lesser strength have in holding a bow steady at the end of an out stretched arm to aim and fire is also solved.  We call the combination of the Lock-a-Draw archery draw keep and the Compound Bow Rest and Holder our Draw Keep-Bow Rest Bow Hunting Solution.  Even a one armed person could bow hunt with only a one time assistance in setting up the elevated platform and Bow Rest.  Every operation from entering the woods and setting up for hunting can then be done with only one arm.  For one armed operation a pistol type handle is fitted to the release of the Lock-a-Draw so that a bow hanging in the Bow Rest can be aimed horizontally by swinging the boom of the Bow Rest.  Contact me at the phone number below if you need a handled Lock-a-Draw.

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